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(sah•mahs) noun - the sensation of music transforming the mind, body, and/or soul

About sämäs

sämäs is a female-lead show with creators Sam Carroll and Asia Lupo as lead vocalists, percussionists, and dancers. Veteran musicians Paddy King, Arne Parrott, and Marc Mills fill out the rest of the pro ensemble with their wide vocal and instrumental ranges which together create breathtaking 5-part harmonies and rich, symphonic arrangements. 
These five artists have decades of professional performance work between them, both outside of the RenFest circuit and within, having created successful circuit brands like Sirena, Valkyrik, and Music the Gathering. They now join forces to combine their collective experiences with youthful, passionate energy in order to create performances that are simultaneously fresh and seasoned. Read more each band member below.

Meet The Band


Sam Carroll

Creator, Lead Vocalist, Percussionist, Tap Dancer

Sam Carroll, stage name "Skade," has been creating musical shows for renaissance festivals since 2011, writing the bulk of the original music for stage acts such as Sirena and Valkyrik. She has an undergraduate degree in Dance from the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point, she attended the Tom Todoroff Conservatory for Theatre in New York City, and she has been producing albums for circuit bands for over a decade. Her well-rounded history in both performance and music results in a palpable dedication to quality entertainment, and she is ecstatic to be working with such a powerhouse group of musicians in sämäs.


Asia Lupo

Creator, Lead Vocalist, Percussionist, Tap Dancer

Asia Lupo is a percussionist, singer, and dancer who has been a Renaissance festival performer for over a decade. Hailing from New York, Asia studied theater, music, and dance throughout her life, both in formal settings as well as at home, having grown up in a family full of variety performers. She is the founder and co-creator of folk band Music the Gathering, and was previously a member of Sirena and Valkyrik. Asia is thrilled to contribute her skills and years of experience to sämäs, but more importantly, she is excited to bring her most authentic self to the stage so that she may inspire, heal, and spread joy through music!


Marc Mills

Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Violin

Marc Mills is a singer and multi-instrumental musician who has created and performed in various stage acts at renaissance festivals for the past 9 years. He studied music throughout his early life and moved into a career in theater after college, eventually combining the two by creating engaging, narrative-focused music for interactive environments. Marc is the co-creator of Music The Gathering and creator of Marco and the Echo Folk, and has performed for several other acts at renaissance faires. His goal is to capture the attention and imagination of his audiences through thought-provoking tales over intricate musical tapestries, and he looks forward to continuing to achieve that goal with Sämäs.


Arne Parrott

Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano

Arne Parrott has been a music director at every major theatre in Chicago but spends his weekends traveling the country to various Renaissance faires bringing his particular brand of sarcastic blasphemous nerd music to increasingly hesitant audiences. During the week, he writes music for whoever needs it, most commonly for podcasts such as Hello From the Magic Tavern, Hey Riddle Riddle, and Campaign Skyjacks. Find him across social media- @arneparrott


Paddy King

Violin, Mandolin, Cello, Guitar, Vocals

Paddy King began playing music at the age of 8 studying classical violin during the week, while playing fiddle on the weekends. His previous musical endeavours span from acts such as Americana band Strung Like A Horse, the Alex Meixner Polka Band, In the Light of Led Zeppelin, among many other musical stylings. This self -proclaimed "Fiddle King" may be new to the Renaissance Fair community but is excited to further broaden his musical horizons with sämäs!

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