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Our new album "An Ancient Calling" will be released soon...

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An Ancient Calling is our premiere album that explores the mysteries of earth, the cosmos, and all nature in between that calls to the human spirit. Each song is a journey of its own, completely varied in sound and subject matter, but they all were written with one uniform intention: to transform the mind, body, and/or soul. Earthquakes, ancient ceremonies, witch burning, running from death, midnight dancing, love songs to nature...nothing is off limits, but everything is grand in scale and storytelling. After years of idea generation, songwriting, and asking the universe for guidance, we've produced 15 songs of all original music and brought on some of the finest musicians we know to add their voices to our album. Our featured musicians include the multi-faceted strings of Paddy King, the groovy bass of Arne Parrott, the grounding guitar of Marc Mills, and the driving drums of Charlie St. Cyr-Paul

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